Who We Are

The ESAWAS Regulators Association begun in 2007 with an informal meeting of regional WSS regulators. The Association is now governed by a Constitution ratified by the members since 2010 and meets annually to deliberate various issues of mutual interest.


The objectives of the ESAWAS Regulators Association are to foster and enhance regional cooperation and coordination on regulatory issues by:
  1. Capacity Building and Information Sharing Facilitate information sharing and skills training at national, regional and international level to enhance the capacity of members in WSS regulation;
  2. Regional Regulatory Cooperation Identify and encourage the adoption of best practices to improve the effectiveness of WSS regulation in the region.


The functions of the ESAWAS Regulators Association, among others, are:
  1. Promote quality regulation and monitor and evaluate regulatory practices;
  2. Share the benefits of expertise to enhance the efficacy of regulation and share best practices on implementation and compliance with regulations;
  3. Provide a framework for the discussion of regulatory issues, information sharing and exchange of experiences in order to facilitate conveyance of views and common positions where appropriate;
  4. Promote research and development of various aspects of regulation to promote adoption of best practices, increased harmonisation and efficiency in the regulatory framework.


The financial resources of the ESAWAS Regulators Association consist of:
  • Annual Contributions by Members
  • Special Contributions by Members
  • Grants or donations as shall be approved by the Annual Forum


To be a leading forum for promoting effective regulation of water supply and sanitation services in Africa.


To facilitate the development of effective regulation of water supply and sanitation services in the Eastern and Southern African region.