Annual General Meeting

Category: ESAWAS

Annual General MeetingThe Annual General Meeting is the highest decision-making authority of the ESAWAS Regulators Association and is comprised of chief executive officers or their representatives of all the Members of the ESAWAS Regulators Association that ratify the Constitution.

The ESAWAS Regulators Association holds a three-day Annual General Meeting of which two days is spent deliberating various aspects of regulation around a specific theme. Participation is open to all persons and bodies by application to Secretariat. Non-members may be requested to pay a minimal participation fee towards conference costs.  

1st AGM: 2007

2nd AGM: 2008

3rd AGM: 2009

4th AGM: 2010

5th AGM: 2011

6th AGM: 2012

7th AGM: 2013

8th AGM: 2014

9th AGM: 2015