4th AGM: 2010

Held in Mombasa, Kenya

2010 AGM

The fourth Eastern and Southern African Water Utilities Regulators’ (ESAWUR) meeting was held in Mombasa, Kenya from 11th to 13th August 2010. The meeting was hosted by the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) of Kenya and funded by German Development Cooperation through GTZ.

The three day meeting brought together about 30 participants of which the majority hailed from Kenya. The participants consisted of representation from the 5 member regulators (NWASCO of Zambia, CRA of Mozambique, WASREB of Kenya, EWURA of Tanzania and RURA of RWANDA). Also present were observers from GTZ, the Lesotho Water Commission and Uganda Ministry of Water as well as the local provider the Coastal Water Services Board.

The fourth ESAWUR meeting was the first meeting to be held following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding in Maputo in May 2009 among the regulators to provide a framework for creating the association. The meeting was structured around the theme ‘Responding to the Changing Environment’ with the recognition that regulation needs to be dynamic by nature.  

Download the workshop report here

Presentations are available in the Members section.

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