AREEM ratifies ESAWAS Constitution

The Agence de Regulation des secteurs de l'Eau potable, de l'Electricite et des Mines (AREEM) of Burundi finally ratified the ESAWAS Constiution at the 11th Annual General Meeting held in Livingstone, Zambia on 3rd November 2017.

The ratification of the ESAWAS Constitution by AREEM took almost two years to happen. This was because the then Agency for Control and Regulation of Water and Electricity (ACR) which had applied for ESAWAS membership in 2015 underwent a number of changes, including expansion of mandate to mines.

Speaking at the occasion, the Chairperson of ESAWAS, Mr Magalhaes Miguel warmly welcomed AREEM to the membership of ESAWAS as he handed over a copy of the ratified Constitution. The Director General of AREEM, Mr Donat Nyonzima, expressed gratitude to the AGM for granting the institution membership. He said that AREEM looked forward to playing a bigger role in ESAWAS, having already benefited from some activities and pledged their full commitment to the objectives of the Association.

AREEM has now attained full membership of ESAWAS which enables it to participate in all activities including hosting of the annual conference. 

The members of ESAWAS remain eight, including WASREB of Kenya, EWURA of Tanzania, CRA of Mozambique, ZURA of Zanzibar, RURA of Rwanda, LEWA of Lesotho and NWASCO of Zambia (also the seat of Secretariat).