AMCOW-ESAWAS partnership signed

The African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW) and ESAWAS Regulators Association have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work collaboratively to facilitate the process of accelerating the provision of universal access to sustainable water and sanitation services.

AMCOW provides political leadership, policy direction and advocacy in the provision, use and management of water resources for sustainable socio-economic development and maintenance of African ecosystems. In 2008, at the 11th ordinary session of the Africa Union (AU) Assembly in Sharm el-Sheikh, Heads of States and Governments of the African Union agreed on commitments to accelerate the achievement of water and sanitation goals in Africa and mandated AMCOW to develop and follow up an implementation strategy for these commitments. AMCOW has been granted the status of a Sub Committee of the Specialized Committee Agriculture, Rural Development Water and Environment in the African Union.

The collaboration between AMCOW and ESAWAS is drawn from the AMCOW 2018 – 2030 Strategic Plan and ESAWAS objectives for capacity development, information sharing and regulatory cooperation and is under the following framework:

i.            Sanitation, Policies and Guidelines, Plans and Regulations:
ESAWAS will be part of the AMCOW Task Team to develop model comprehensive sanitation policies and guidelines that member countries can adapt and implement within their regulatory structures. AMCOW will be incorporated at key consultative and feedback stages in the development and implementation of the ESAWAS regulatory framework for inclusive urban sanitation regulation.

ii.          Capacity Building and training:
Capacity building efforts will be mutually beneficial to the parties and help to improve and develop capacity in regulators, Utilities and Ministries to discharge their respective mandates to increase access to safe water supply and sanitation services. 

iii.               Joint participation in relevant selected events:
This will facilitate information dissemination and advocacy on agreed topics/themes at organised learning and knowledge sharing events. 

iv.         Data Collection, Monitoring and Reporting
The parties will collaborate on data collection and the use of data/reports to influence policy and Utility performance at Country level. This includes the development and supporting implementation of an Africa-wide performance monitoring and benchmarking system that would apply performance indicators that are consistent with those used in global networks (World Bank, IBNet) and with the UN’s SDG6 targets.

v.                Sharing relevant information and knowledge:
Information and knowledge which relate to the common objectives of the parties will be shared to add value to the parties’ activities and programmes. 

The collaboration is with effect from 31st October, 2018.

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