Fighting Corruption in the Water Sector

The topic, Corruption in the Water Sector' generated healthy discussions at the World Water Week 2019 being held in Stockholm, Sweden. WASREB's Director of Technical Services- Eng. Peter Njaggah said consumers need a bigger voice and participation in issues touching on water in efforts to combat the vice. World Water Week organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) is the annual focal point for global water issues. (Source: WASREB Facebook)

According to an article by Andreas Karlsson, 'During the session Building collective action against corruption in the water sector, Eng Njaggah spoke about the importance of increasing consumers' sense of participation. This can be difficult in a complex political environment.

Creating consumer-driven water action groups as well as web-based service where consumers can complain and report corruption using their mobile phones has proven effective. Unfortunately, corruption shows itself in many ways and trying to contain it is a bit like trying to contain water. We must also remember that the fight against corruption is an important part of general social development because the poorest people- already the most vulnerable in society- are the ones who suffer most from corruption'

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