Three Sanitation Guidelines published

The ESAWAS Regulators Association has published three inclusive sanitation guidelines developed through a harmonised regional approach.  

The guidelines developed through a stakeholder consultative process are as follows:

  • Inclusive Urban Sanitation Service Provision Guidelines - Provides guidance on service provision requirements from containment, emptying, transportation, storage and treatment facilities as well as disposal/reuse mechanisms. The guidelines promote safe and sustainable service delivery with consideration for technology, cost-effectiveness, appropriateness and progressive realisation.
  • Sanitation Services Tariff Setting Guidelines -  Provides guidance to regulators in the determination of cost reflective tariffs for sewered and non-sewered services in line with the tariff setting principles. The guidelines provide a set of sound, well-specified methodology that can be used by regulators to improve predictability, objectivity and transparency of the tariff-setting for sanitation services as well as inputs for development of tariff setting models.
  • Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Planning Guidelines - Provides guidance for citywide inclusive sanitation planning that encompasses long-term planning, technical innovation and financial mobilisation. The guidelines include Business Models, Business Planning, Investment planning, Financing options, Private Sector Participation, appropriate technology, stakeholder engagement, gender and social inclusion considerations and planning tools.

The guidelines will support the implementation of the Regulation Framework and Strategy for Inclusive Urban Sanitation Service Provision earlier developed.


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