Burundi holds national consultative meeting on sanitation regulation

The Autorité de Régulation des secteurs de l’Eau potable et de l’Energie (AREEN) of Burundi recently hosted a national consultative meeting on the Inclusive Sanitation Regulation Framework and Strategy developed by ESAWAS.

The meeting officiated by the PS of the Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines had stakeholder representatives from the municipalities, the sanitation utility of the municipalities (SETEMU), the water utility (REGIDESO), Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Public Health, private operators (emptiers) and other stakeholders of the sanitation sector under the Ministry of Hydraulics, Energy and Mines.

Key issues raised during the meeting were the lack of regulatory tools and guidelines for onsite sanitation, the need for norms for sanitation facilities and the need of a laboratory for the control of effluent quality as the existing one does not have sufficient equipment.  

Key recommendations included further dissemination of the Sanitation Regulation Framework and Strategy to different levels of decision-makers in other principal towns and the translation of the document into french to facilitate country usage. Stakeholders further recommended the organisation of a National Sanitation Summit (États Généraux sur l'assainissement) to discuss sanitation issues and make recommendations of the way forward to improve the sanitation sector incorporating non-sewered sanitation.

In general, the participants lauded the existence of the strategy as they felt convinced that many issues could be addressed by its adoption and adaptation in Burundi.


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