ESAWAS participates in IWA Regulating CWIS Webinar

The International Water Association (IWA) hosted a webinar on Regulating Citywide Inclusive Sanitation (CWIS)

'Many countries and municipalities around the world face various issues in implementing Citywide Inclusive Sanitation. The main complexity lies in the lack of understanding who is responsible and accountable for ensuring safe, adequate and equitable access to this service. It is therefore that IWA - through the IWA Regulation for Citywide Inclusive Sanitation Initiative - wants to capture what role can regulators play in ensuring everyone has access to good quality sanitation services, in both, served and under-served areas of a city.' IWA

The Panelists included:

ESAWAS shared the Regulatory Framework and Strategy for Inclusive Sanitation Service Provision that was developed using a harmonised approach for the region. In addition, an outline was given of three sanitation regulation Guidelines that have been developed, as well as a CWIS SAP Tool for assessing the impacts of sanitation interventions along the three CWIS outcomes of equity, sustainability and safety.

Watch the Webinar

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