Sanitation Guidelines Training Kicked-Off

ESAWAS successfully carried out the first of three online trainings on the sanitation regulation guidelines delivered in partnership with the consultants that developed the guidelines and WSUP. The training which was targeted at all the ten Members of the Association had a 33% female representation (10 out of 30).

The first training focused on the Sanitation Service Provision Guidelines which outline requirements for service delivery across the full sanitation service chain. Guided by WSUP trainers, the training was delivered as a Micro-learning approach in small learning units and short-term learning activities.

Participants discussed sanitation systems in the context of 'washers or wipers', 'sitters or squatters', 'flushers or droppers' and 'loners or togetherers' to determine appropriate technology. Participants considered the regulatory challenge for conveyance in terms of 'pipers and wheelers', while treatment focused on 'aerobic or anaerobic' and disposal looked at 'recyclers or dumpers'.

Further topics included the KPIs for performance reporting, Monitoring and Reporting on the status of service delivery, as well as sanctions and incentives for service providers as an accountability mechanism.

The two-day training yielded good discussions that will enable the regulators to implement the guidelines at national level.


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