The number of ESAWAS Members increased to 10 with the joining of the Water Services Association of Malawi (WASAMA- left) and the Water Utility Regulation Department (WURD - right) of Uganda. Both institutions joined ESAWAS as Associate Members.

The core functions of WASAMA, includes among others 'to lobby and make recommendations on methods of water supply, institutional issues water suppliers, financing of water services, private sector participation in water supply, customers services for water suppliers, public relations for water suppliers, efficiency standards and regulation of water supply and use in Malawi' and ‘to act as the authoritative body articulating the views of the water services industry’.

WURD is mandated to regulate water authorities managing piped water systems by contract, as enshrined in Cap 152 of the Water Act. The functions of the Water Utility Regulation Department include, among others, 'define key performance indicators and specify performance targets to be fulfilled by Water Supply and Sewerage Authorities (WSSAs) together with incentives or penalties applied to achieving such performance targets; receive and review Business Plans and tariff proposals from WSSAs and their respective service providers; to monitor the performance by collecting and reviewing technical and commercial service performance of WSSAs, and benchmark and publish information on quality of water and sewerage services; and receive and resolve customer complaints'.

Under ESAWAS, an Associate Member is any Government department undertaking water supply and sanitation regulatory activities.

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